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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Strange are the ways of this world

I just booked my ticket for India !!

I'm so excited to finally be travelling for something other than work and a trip back home is always filled with the excitement of meeting the good old family & friends and also checkout some new people... :-)
However, there is also some unknown fear... :-(

Sometimes I feel that the world is a cruel place where emotions are not accounted for, where each individual is for himself or herself. However, some people come across our way so unexpectedly and leave some great memories that last a lifetime, before they move out, never to be seen again - selflessly spreading the joy in someone else's life.

As a friend Manish Modi says,
Life is a journey. Moving towards a destination we know nothing about, at a pace we have no control over. Many are the stoppages. Far too many co-travellers leave us midway through the journey. Each halt brings on it, its share of fellow travellers, some good, some bad. Some pleasant, some not. The roads we travel on are often like the weather - unpredictable. This journey brings laughter and tears in equal measure.

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