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Friday, June 16, 2006


After a long time

On Monday I saw the The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. It is about the underground drag racing scene where young men drive at insane speeds through city streets. Don't dwell much on the story, but simply enjoy the some pretty cars doing amazing things and call it a day. And it ends with a short & surprise entry of Vin Diesel.

On Tuesday I saw a typical Jack Black movie, Nacho Libre. He plays a haf-mexican priest at an orphanage who dreams about becoming a famous masked wrestler. The leading lady Ana de la Reguera reminded me of the good old Penelope Cruz. I don't know why it got such rave reviews and recommended by film critics except that it was a good natured and simple movie.

Sometime back I even had the opportunity to watch the pre-screening of Over the Hedge. I find it a really buoyant and funny animated film with amazing well written dialogues, slapstick humor and good screenplay. Its hard to pick a scene that made me laugh out loud, but there was once undeniable uproar in the theatre when the dim-witted and guileless squirrel asks "Wanna help me find my nuts?!" without any trace of self-awareness. It is a charming movie and in the suburban infiltration sequences, "Hedge" is a clever contraption, mixing light satire on suburban social traditions and the bad nutritional habits of humans with expected goofiness. Also the value of family is emphasized repeatedly via Verne the turtle who is very methodical de facto leader of the assorted clan.

End of last month I spent some good time with an old buddy from the hostel days, who I haven't seen much of lately. The perfect weather of San Diego was an added bonus. It definitely was the best time I had in the past few months and a visit to Sea World was the highlight of the second day of the trip that gave me some good memories to relish for the next few months and years to come.

All this brought me out of an introspective period in my life -- as I emerge from my cocoon, I find more enthusiasm and need to write to more. I try to answer all my phone calls, and resist screening anyone now :). I just sent out a few 'How you doing?' emails to some people and shared some of the most recent details of whatever I've been up to -- no matter how boring I might think it is – like this post. I think this is the time to connect back with the people who make life so pleasant.

mujhe bhi call kar lo ab :p main kal jaa raha hoon :>
Keep writing Soldier!
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