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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Strange are the ways of this world

I just booked my ticket for India !!

I'm so excited to finally be travelling for something other than work and a trip back home is always filled with the excitement of meeting the good old family & friends and also checkout some new people... :-)
However, there is also some unknown fear... :-(

Sometimes I feel that the world is a cruel place where emotions are not accounted for, where each individual is for himself or herself. However, some people come across our way so unexpectedly and leave some great memories that last a lifetime, before they move out, never to be seen again - selflessly spreading the joy in someone else's life.

As a friend Manish Modi says,
Life is a journey. Moving towards a destination we know nothing about, at a pace we have no control over. Many are the stoppages. Far too many co-travellers leave us midway through the journey. Each halt brings on it, its share of fellow travellers, some good, some bad. Some pleasant, some not. The roads we travel on are often like the weather - unpredictable. This journey brings laughter and tears in equal measure.

Monday, September 01, 2008


Google’s Chrome Story

Many have heard about the new browser launched by Google in seemingly unorthodox manner as every other google product. This is marketing at its best!

Few years ago there were speculations about a google browser but as mentioned by technilogizer that was confirmed as a rumor on the blogosphere.

This open-source browser seems to run on Apple's WebKit rendering engine from safari, that is supposed to be faster. However, even if the browser is slow or crappy during the first beta release, it has already created a buzz in the past few hours and with the usual euphoria around any google product, it is bound to have a decent market share within the first few days. Google has proved its marketing genius by using a comic as a great piece of storytelling that tells us everything we need to know and spread the Google Chrome story to other people without the usual technical spec sheet.

It is interesting to note that as microsoft get more serious about the Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Apple & Google are also trying their best to steal the market share from Microsoft's still-dominant browser. Mozilla’s recently launched Firefox 3 with a staggering record-setting debut day in mid-June, with more than 8 million downloads in 24 hours and I guess google's chrome would do better than that :)

The news release was indeed comical!
Release date: September 2, 2008
Slideshow of the comic and the Screenshots are now available.
More generic information might be updated on wikipedia, if you are interested.

Caveat: As google grows bigger and bigger, the more concerned everyone should be about its privacy policies.

Saturday, August 09, 2008



More than two years have passed since my last post... while I have been waiting patiently for certain issues to be resolved...

Sometimes we learn it the hard way and sometimes we learn from the experiences of the people around us. The following statement says it all:

"The scariest thing was I thought he was stronger than all of us. But maybe it's not about being the best. Maybe it's about finding the little things that get you through the day. Whether it's the support of someone close to you, or letting yourself feel overwhelmed if only for a moment. Or being selfless every once in a while. I don't know, I guess in the end it's about surviving anyway you can."

[Scrubs - season 1, episode 7]

Friday, June 16, 2006



We have a new employee in our company who acts like he knows everything. He went to our head office that has over 100 employees, second time after his first visit there during the interview process about six months ago. He was introduced to a lot of engineers then. During this visit he met a young Project Manager and had the following conversation.

A: You must be new here. What is your name?
B: Pete.
A: Hi Pete. When did you join?
In a matter of fact way he replied,
B: Six years ago. :)

By the time he came back we had an email about that incident and everyone in the office was gleefully awaiting his arrival.

Today he had the following conversation with my colleague C.

C: (Tears in the eyes because of some dust)
A: Do you have allergies?
C: (with a mad look) - No. I'm crying because you work here. :)


After a long time

On Monday I saw the The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. It is about the underground drag racing scene where young men drive at insane speeds through city streets. Don't dwell much on the story, but simply enjoy the some pretty cars doing amazing things and call it a day. And it ends with a short & surprise entry of Vin Diesel.

On Tuesday I saw a typical Jack Black movie, Nacho Libre. He plays a haf-mexican priest at an orphanage who dreams about becoming a famous masked wrestler. The leading lady Ana de la Reguera reminded me of the good old Penelope Cruz. I don't know why it got such rave reviews and recommended by film critics except that it was a good natured and simple movie.

Sometime back I even had the opportunity to watch the pre-screening of Over the Hedge. I find it a really buoyant and funny animated film with amazing well written dialogues, slapstick humor and good screenplay. Its hard to pick a scene that made me laugh out loud, but there was once undeniable uproar in the theatre when the dim-witted and guileless squirrel asks "Wanna help me find my nuts?!" without any trace of self-awareness. It is a charming movie and in the suburban infiltration sequences, "Hedge" is a clever contraption, mixing light satire on suburban social traditions and the bad nutritional habits of humans with expected goofiness. Also the value of family is emphasized repeatedly via Verne the turtle who is very methodical de facto leader of the assorted clan.

End of last month I spent some good time with an old buddy from the hostel days, who I haven't seen much of lately. The perfect weather of San Diego was an added bonus. It definitely was the best time I had in the past few months and a visit to Sea World was the highlight of the second day of the trip that gave me some good memories to relish for the next few months and years to come.

All this brought me out of an introspective period in my life -- as I emerge from my cocoon, I find more enthusiasm and need to write to more. I try to answer all my phone calls, and resist screening anyone now :). I just sent out a few 'How you doing?' emails to some people and shared some of the most recent details of whatever I've been up to -- no matter how boring I might think it is – like this post. I think this is the time to connect back with the people who make life so pleasant.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Jama masjid Blasts

We shall not let terrorists destroy the communal harmony that seems to have been established after the heart wrenching Godhra incident. I am glad that we saw people remain calm after the explosions at the mosque along the same lines as Varanasi remained peaceful despite the bomb blasts in the Vishwanath temple.

I am appalled when politicians make statements like - The attack on the mosque must be taken "seriously" - as if anyone would take the incident lightly. But one thing we must realize is that we need to be proactive and report any suspicious activities to the concerned authorities and be more responsible towards the society, as the armed forces cannot keep a tab on every activity in the neighborhood.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


No reservation at IIT & IIM

I hope that we all understand the need to respond to this recent irresponsible decision from some bearcats about the Quota Raj with 49.5 per cent reservation of the total seats in IITs, IIMs and Central universities, including Delhi University, for OBCs, SCs and STs. It is obvious that this policy will undesirably dilute the competent environment in an effort to reduce the disparity between the elite technical institutes & other universities.

I am confident that you are aware of the articles that have been all over the media about the recent uproar on this issue. Some links that you may refer to are - 'Mandal Redux' & 'Quotas in IIMs will be a disaster'. It was also mentioned in the recent IITBHF & IITBAA Newsletter.

I totally understand the disparity and insist that we need to provide the under privileged the assistance but am not in favor of an reservation based admission. The government may as well provide free primary education but reservations at the university level are detrimental and shall result in damage beyond repair. This will be worse that changing the JEE pattern and renaming a couple of universities to IIT. It is indeed sad that when we all see the undesirable effects of such decisions how can the policy makers turn a blind eye and use it for political mileage.

I hope you all might have already signed the petition and you may send mails to the concerned government offices.

Govt. of India Contact Information

When the pro-reservation person claims to be aware that "quality primary education is a distant dream for the lower castes", why do they still insist upon allowing the same not-so-technically-competent people to graduate out of those prestigious universities?

Rather than giving examples that relate to the present condition he fancies to use the age-old debate of Brahmin's vs. lower castes and suppression over the years. It would be more appropriate, IMHO, that this is almost like saying that lets amass all the wealth from the top industrialists and distribute it among the underprivileged people. It would be rather more logical to provide them the right opportunity and help them grow into competent and challenging individuals. So it is my understanding that providing them primary education is the best we can do.

If this is bill is approved, it is not worth arguing whether an illiterate person should later be made a professor at these institutes based on the same reservation rather than based on his qualification.

NOTE: I sincerely urge everyone to use the technology to our advantage, refrain from moving to the streets and rather sign petitions, send emails and mails to the President's & PM's Office and also the HRD Ministry. If you have any contacts in the media bombard them with protest mails. :)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006



Today is March 14 (3.14 ~ pi day for the math geek in me).

Time to celebrate Holi, the festival of colors. (Actually has nothing to do with pi or Einstein)

This season I moved to a new apartment, with a new car, a new room-mate, and shall join a new job on 20th. This is hopefully the begining of new life.

*look over my shoulders*
*give a sigh*
*get back to work*
*still busy unpacking*

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Varanasi blasts

A series of terrorist bombings rocked Varanasi. It is a shame that terrorist outfits targeting Hindu religious places and our politicians and decision makers are busy blaming each other. This is a big blow to India’s communal harmony and a matter of serious concern about integrity and sovereignty of our country.

The first blast took place at 6.30 PM inside the famous Sankat-mochan Hanuman Temple near the Kashi Vishwanath temple. The temple had thousands of devotees for the evening ‘aarti’. This was followed by another blast at the cantonment railway station on platform number one. The Delhi bound Shivganga Express was waiting on the platform.

The unofficial death toll has risen to 23, with at least 60 seriously injured.

LeT had earlier managed to carry out suicide attacks at the Akshardham temple in Ahmedabad as well as the Raghunath and Panbakhtar temples in Jammu.

President A P J Abdul Kalam, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other prominent political leaders have strongly condemned the blasts and sent out appeals to maintain calm and harmony.

The worst part is:
1. The attack has happened... as it happened in past... and again targeted at a religious community
2. I am sleeping in my home... working... earning... eating... and then again... sleeping...
3. Police is saying, "the situation is in full control"
4. Now since bomb blast has happened… there would be tight security... Red Alert... do you think that the terrorists are foolish enough that they will attack again in same place
5. CM has announced some money to people who have died... The gesture is a considerate one. But how far can money compensate for a life!? – Further, that money will never reach them.
6. BJP is opposing the congress... they will do some dharna and some public meetings... and blame it on the 'soft' policies of the UPA government and the 'minority appeasement politics' of the Mulayam Singh government... out come is nothing
7. Congress will blame BJP... and may also bring out the Gujarat issue once again... but will not make an effort to come up with a contingent plan to counter-attack and avert any future untoward incidents.
8. This shall lead to a greater rift between the Hindus & Muslims – blame game – Religion has taken priority over Humanism.
9. A bomb blast will happen again... somewhere someday... and not very far in future... and if i dont die in it...
10. I will be again sleeping, working, earning, eating and go about doing the same daily chores.

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There was also a 5.2 earthquake last night in north Gujarat.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006



I happened to read a lot on GDrive tonight after the controversy that was created because Google published, then retracted, a massive document containing slides with "speaker's notes" on product plans and financial targets. This was to be presented, without the comments, at its annual "Analyst Day" presentation for Wall Street at its Silicon Valley headquarters last Thursday.

While Google's Analyst Day seemed to go off without a hitch on March 2, 2006, word began leaking out today about some inadvertantly released notes on Google's Analyst Day powerpoint slides, prompting Google to release a Form 8-K to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The document came to light when blogger Greg Linden of Seattle picked up details from it. According to a number of bloggers who captured the original presentation, it also described an unannounced plan to offer online storage to Web users, creating a mirror image of consumer hard drives. It also mentioned some program called lighthouse.

His original post is located at:

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