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Saturday, April 15, 2006


Jama masjid Blasts

We shall not let terrorists destroy the communal harmony that seems to have been established after the heart wrenching Godhra incident. I am glad that we saw people remain calm after the explosions at the mosque along the same lines as Varanasi remained peaceful despite the bomb blasts in the Vishwanath temple.

I am appalled when politicians make statements like - The attack on the mosque must be taken "seriously" - as if anyone would take the incident lightly. But one thing we must realize is that we need to be proactive and report any suspicious activities to the concerned authorities and be more responsible towards the society, as the armed forces cannot keep a tab on every activity in the neighborhood.

Can't help..the political scenario in India is a gone case now..though still we should not lose hope in any instance and be proactive....but does n e one care?
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