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Friday, June 16, 2006



We have a new employee in our company who acts like he knows everything. He went to our head office that has over 100 employees, second time after his first visit there during the interview process about six months ago. He was introduced to a lot of engineers then. During this visit he met a young Project Manager and had the following conversation.

A: You must be new here. What is your name?
B: Pete.
A: Hi Pete. When did you join?
In a matter of fact way he replied,
B: Six years ago. :)

By the time he came back we had an email about that incident and everyone in the office was gleefully awaiting his arrival.

Today he had the following conversation with my colleague C.

C: (Tears in the eyes because of some dust)
A: Do you have allergies?
C: (with a mad look) - No. I'm crying because you work here. :)

hehe.. scott adams ko bhej do.. fundoo cartoon strip aa jaayegi isse to :)
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