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Friday, August 20, 2004



From: Modi, Hemal Kumar [mailto:hemalmodi@neo.tamu.edu]
Sent: Fri 8/20/2004 12:56 PM
To: Hueste, Mary Beth
Cc: Luciana Barroso
Subject: RE: Degree Plan for ME

Dear Dr. Hueste,
I really appreciate your prompt reply. I shall be back in college station on 28 and shall meet you on 30 (Monday) morning.
In the order specified in the 'Coursework Requirements for Structural Engineering' attached in your earlier mail, my course work is as follows:

MATH 602 Applied Mathematics
CVEN 633 Solid Mechanics
CVEN 657 Structural Dynamics
MEMA 647 Finite Element Analysis
CVEN 671 Prestressed Concrete
CVEN 659 Steel Design -- *
CVEN 686 Offshore & Coastal Structures
CVEN 689 Advanced Dynamics & Control
CVEN 685 Direct Studies
ARCH 646 Historical Preservation
ARCH 648 Building Preservation Technology

-- * Need to substitute this steel design course maybe with 686 or 689

Also I have attached a degree plan for your perusal. I would again like to emphasis that I had a good exposure to many design aspects in steel, concrete & masonry construction during my Internship at Martin & Peltyn.

From: Luciana Barroso
Sent: Fri 8/20/2004 5:08 PM
To: Modi, Hemal
Subject: RE: Degree Plan for ME

Dear Hemal

As indicated by Dr. Hueste, we must talk before you meet with her. I have class on Monday morning from 8-9am and then again from 12:30-1:30pm. Please get back to me ASAP with a time between those hours for us to meet.

Keep in mind then when first discussing the possibility of substituting composite for steel design, we did talk about the fact that this substitution was not automatic and would require special consideration. Substituting your internship experience this summer for the steel design class is definitely not automatic and will almost certainly require some additional work/documentation from you at the minimum. So when we meet, come prepared with the report you are going to submit for the 685 credit for this summer (at least a draft). Once I have a better handle on what projects and responsibilities you had this summer, we can more fully discuss options and possibilities.

Dr. Barroso

Now what the hell do I write in a report when I have worked on different aspects of various projects?! I guess I have messed it up.
Now I also need to work on my direct studies report for the 3 credit hours that I took last for spring 2004 semester and did a good enough literature survey of the work done in the field of Damage Detection/ Substructuring for use in health monitoring applications. I probably will have to go through the huge pile of research papers and rewrite the summary as I hardly remember those and can't remember where I kept the one page summary of each.

Another problem - though my boss (an Attorney) and the staff seem to be happy with me, they won't give me a Job Offer. I guess I will have to be patient and keep in touch with them.

My mad mind also want to do COSC 624 Project Acquisition & Control, COSC 465 Application Of Construction Law - making it six courses for FALL 2004, while three being the minimum. I am sure goin' to have a blast with double course work. Why do I always get interested when I am about to leave. I miss the IIT days and now at TAMU, I wish I could take more courses, and further at Martin & Peltyn, I wish they gave me more (interesting) work.
Civil Engineering

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