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Friday, July 30, 2004


502 Server Error? -- what the hell is going on?

google server errorI often see this picture infront of me when I punch in www.orkut.com in my address bar. Ironic isn't it?. Though Orkut is still in beta form, a lot of people are using it, most of whom are not aware of this fact. And the worst part is that it's in no way helping Google improve its image especially during the times when the Google IPO thing is catching up. I must admit, I'm a fan of Google, its ideology and technology. But there are still some things that really freak me out, the image is an example. So why do you think Google is taking so much pain to retain Orkut. To increase its popularity?, hmmm...I don't think so. Its all about data mining. I would advise you guys to read this interesting piece that elaborates on this fact.

Google Web Alerts & News Alerts are impressive tools too.

Added on October 15:
Yesterday Google threw down the gauntlet to Microsoft by announcing the Google Desktop. While all other rivals are playing catch-up with their improved Web searches, Google pushes the technologoy frontier further. The Desktop search application, like all things Google, is elegant, blazingly fast and integrates beautifully with Google's other products.
Has anyone tried the [Newborn] Walla - http://mail.walla.com for a 1GB account?!

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