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Wednesday, September 21, 2005



I recently learned that Galveston might see a catastrophic hurricane. From what I understand the sustained wind had reached 175 MPH and the
coast might have to prepare for a 20' surge that might go inland for about 5 miles and hope that the wind speed reduces as it hits the shore. Most of the buildings on the coast are probably designed to sustain winds of 140 MPH, but many of the old buildings may not have the capacity.

It was indeed a brief respite to learn that the early suburbs of New Orleans, that dates back to 1800s, was on relatively high grounds and so many of the historical landmarks were damaged but not destroyed and there is still a hope to bring back New Orleans and other affected towns back to life. Unfortunately earthquakes manage to sneak up on us, but hurricanes of category five leave us aghast to helplessly
watch the impending disaster to destroy everything. I wished that the historical and cultural landscape of the New Orleans and other cities in Louisiana and Mississippi could have been saved form the disastrous effects of Katrina and hope that Galveston and other towns on the coast don't appear like that in the aftermath of the Rita.

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