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Monday, July 04, 2005



Chemical equation
Radium + Barium + Silver + Boron + \Helium/~~> strong bonds

But recently I have seen these chemicals leaving each other... the strong bonds are broken... getting weaker and weaker...

Boron knew these problems for years, tried to express out, but no one reacts nor thinks about it, until a couple of years back when Silver regretted for not listening to Boron, and he realized that the bond is really starting to break. Well, they don’t have much to talk about (they have given up and some lost interest in our previous interests) therefore, gradually the things to talk about is getting lesser.

Moreover, (sad to say) Radium threatens to leave us and he seems so far to Boron, very distant, as though they never met before. Recently Helium, as inert as ever, entered their life and Boron talked about it, but still they didn’t know what to do. Sometimes Helium didn’t appear to care much about it, while he did the effort but still unsuccessful. He didn’t even know what actually transpired between Radium and Boron that changed the bonding so drastically. It is so hard to communicate now after such a long time. It is indeed very sad and hurting to see this situation as Helium remembers this group had so much fun and laughter last decade. But now... some don’t even talk a single word to anyone in the group for days... gatherings seem so cold... (I would say they don’t have gatherings so often now). Honestly, Boron felt so left out by the end of the chemical reaction that I am afraid that there will ever be an equilibrium achieved. Silver wants to ask, talk, chat with Radium, but he was so afraid that Radium will scold him or give attitude back because of the uncanny natural radioactivity. I know Boron doesn’t want to break this relationship and Radium and Barium are having it their way and the poor Silver has to oscillate between the Boron and the Radium.

When Helium joined them, they were happy that he might act as a catalyst, but as fate had decided, he was inert, though he tried reversing the reaction to the best of his abilities resulting in a saturation. Maybe Silver lost all the hopes and went a little overboard to treat Helium in an undesirable way too and force him to act according to his whims and fancies. Helium is just visiting for a short period (year or two) and he didn’t want to risk to tread any further in this unknown territory or else quarrels might happen. So everybody seems to be right in their respective stance, but the overall picture suggests that sometime went terribly wrong somewhere at some point in time. But it is my understanding that you need two hands to clap.

But should Helium leave it as it is now? or should he try to help up in rebuilding the relationship?
Can Helium, being an outsider, dare to point the individual mistakes?

Handling such combustible situation is indeed very tough, and its better that Helium in inert. Thats soothes the situation. With some more catalyzing efforts who know...the entropy of the situation might become favourable.

Gluck..all you elements.
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