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Friday, February 25, 2005


Discussions on Orkut

Modi - Holy ****
I guess you love agitating people... and debating just for the heck of it....
that's bad

Pratik - Well, certainly agitating others is not my aim. So, why do u debate ? I learn a lot of new things when I debate. Not from others, but mostly from my search of counter argument.

Modi - To be honest... to scratch anything and everything around till I find my answers or find the counter arguments satisfactory...
but I try ma best to avoid the need of a moderator and make sure that my opponent is not agitated or pissed off (kinda never ever make him feel like - You're stupid and nobody likes you)

Modi - I would like to use logical arguments and would prefer the opponent to have the similar sense of responsibility and intellect to proceed with the argument/ debate.
But the golden rule is to be a daunting force of intelligence difficult to reckon with - but never intimidate him into submission.

Modi - You are the manifest profusion of delusional ideology incarnate if you do not fulminate against the institution of argument with great superciliousness and promulgate the preeminence of debates with minimum slander & intimidation.

Pratik - Ok..I really don't want to use dictionary to get what you said above I am sure that comes from barrons.
When I give so many points and the oposite person just doesn't see them at all and keep on ranting the same crap, I don't know what to say. That's agitating me for me. You can really go through the threads carefully to get what I am saying.

Modi - I got a another approaching dead line and shall take time to read those posts and reply back... But I hope to get back to you on the topic of rebirth (and maybe the significance of viruses in that topic, if any) by the end of the week.

Pratik - Please post it in simple english
No seriously, I believe that among the people who are counter arguing - only u can post sensible stuff. So till then, I'll just mess around.

Modi - Plz take care when you are messing around...
That is one group where I wouldn't want the 'junta' to lose the enthusiasm. There has been a tremendous effort to bring the group to its present standards and to ensure proper interaction to supplement each other's efforts, exchange of ideas and to promote understanding of the philosophy rather than following the rituals just because the family does. I hope you understand the delicate situation and respond accordingly.

Pratik - Sure. I'll be careful. Ok - I won't mess around. I will just be concentrating on gathering more points against common beliefs.

Modi - Thanks for the consideration & compliments.
This has been an informative group and facilitates better understanding of our actions and value system. Its good to be skeptic with an open mind to learn and understand the variety of issues that affect the society and us. So I personally wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of the people who have volunteered their time & efforts to maintain the activity at the community and am sure you can relate to my feelings.
Looking forward to a clean discussion for/against the common beliefs.

It was fun!!

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