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Monday, December 20, 2004


Aftermath of graduation

I am not sure why I am staying up late these days - it feels like I am waiting for something, I am not sure what.

I had my diploma in hand on the 17th December and was lucky have my maternal uncle and grandfather along with my friends Pillai & Ritesh. We had some strange feelings and it was a great day for me, Nilesh & Rakesh and as the president of TAMU said we had a reason to be proud. It was indeed an intriguing experience and felt great to be a part of a tradition. It is difficult to explain the traditions at TAMU in words and it is indeed something you need to experience at this 125 year old university with the corps of cadets and their traditions.

I am in better spirits now, though I still feel an impending doom heading for me. Next week will be tricky, as I begin my quest for a fulfilling job and prepare to leave my friends with no clue about our next meeting.

I agree that the people you meet in college are the people you will be friends with for life. I have been out of IIT for almost two years, and still try to keep in touch with all the people I considered friends. But things change when you go away. I kept in touch with a few people and cut a few people loose. By end of this year I lost touch with almost everyone and found myself talking to only Avinash, Siva, Anuj, Sachi, Srinivas, Vamsi, Shikha, Kongu, Sammy & Jeet. I guess things just change. Everyone else is just memories, I will occasionally hear something through the grapevine, but it loses meaning after a while.

Sometimes I look back and wish I had tried harder to remain friends with some people. I miss my three high school buddies the most – Muralidhar, Manoj & Pranay. There is so much history with some of my friends. It's a shame to let it go. I suppose there is nothing stopping me from picking up the phone, maybe one day I will.

Here at TAMU, the guys that are closest to me are Pillai, Mandar, Nilesh, Rakesh, Shilpa and Sashi. I also made friends with P$, but it soon turned out that she would prefer to be just a typeface on a computer screen, someone who may respond when asked "How are you today?'. Though I hate to say this I tried my best to not include her in the people that are just names, they blink on and off, with no conversation, no idea how they are doing aside from what their yahoo/ orkut screen name might be. It's like calling someone and not talking. I know you are there, but I am not going to talk to you. It's a strange concept if you think about it.

After the graduation ceremony I can feel another "high school" shift coming on. I sense that people that were once considered close, will start to fade away.

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