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Saturday, December 18, 2004



It was the 17th December (D-day ) and I was there in my black graduation robe, sitting with my friends in Reed Arena and my mama & nana (maternal uncle & grandfather) along with other families feeling proud and beaming with delight. I felt contended. Though I am not sure if I really did anything worthwhile since I left my parents and flew all the way to USA, but when I saw the glow on their faces I felt I was on the right track now and was sure I shall make my dad’s dreams come true. Now I see myself happy and content, smiling and satisfied.

During the ceremony I found myself amidst many new faces ready to take over the world with faces glowing with competence and confidence and compassion. As I move ahead on the road to glory, I see many things around me - Happy faces that share my joy, participative faces that make me feel I am not alone, sad faces caught up in a world of their own, dreamy faces lost in their thoughts - everybody has a purpose in life, and I pray and hope to see them all in a position to be able to fulfill it. I am sure everybody made many sacrifices and compromises to reach here.

I don't think the undergrads or even the graduate students were any surer of what they wanted to do, but they were more confident that "something" would be there after graduation. I was really glad and felt like honored to be a part of the Aggie tradition – as the adage goes "There's a Spirit can ne'er be told..." – and its really difficult to explain the tradition of this 125 year old university. I guess I shall cherish this day all my life. Though the school may be classed as average, as far as the technical/academic standards are concerned, but I really appreciate the "Grand ole tradition" at TAMU. The Aggie spirit is really a force to be reckoned with.

Now after the "Graduation" I feel I have finally made the choice. I have crossed the bank, jumped over to the other side and from here I can see lush green grass, swaying daisies and trotting horses. I can feel the freshness in the air, the aroma of peace and experience the joy of making the right choice and the satisfaction that makes my heart praise myself. I feel like I am moving ahead every time I breathe and am coming closer to my dreams, my visions of myself and finally the pieces in the jigsaw puzzles are falling into place. Few weeks back I was too confused, maybe because I was biased. Now I feel I am lighter, happier, better, refined and honored. What I gained today was what my dad was eyeing since a long time and it fell into my lap today, elevating me to a different level, a higher floor. I am now taller than I was before. I am climbing up, moving on, and making myself capable of handling everything that may come.

I am confident that this journey is always going to continue and I am always going to keep moving, because no one can stop the man who knows where he is going! [ahem].

I was so busy this weekend. I had to go to Dallas on Thursday for an interview and drove about 400 miles and then on Friday after the ceremony went to Austin with mama, nana, nilesh, rakesh & ritesh for dinner and just managed to cancel my Houston trip on Saturday and instead spent the whole night at rakesh’s place talking and watching ‘The Cable Guy (1996)’ and ‘Maverick (1994)’.

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