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Sunday, November 28, 2004


Happy days are here again

I am in awfully good spirit today. I am happy to be here. Life is rocking!!

Oh, I'm so glad that it's the Thanksgiving weekend! The past two weeks seemed so long, it just went on forever and never ended, but at least it's done now and I had four whole days of relaxing with no worries. Yeah, I still have a huge amount of homework, studying and reading to do, but I'm not worrying about that this weekend, I'm just chilling and hanging out and making the best of my time.

Today morning I talked my sister, back in Hyderabad, for 45 minutes. It made my day!

There was a day when I was sad and blue, I was so sad that I didn’t want to be here. But I realized I have a little sister that made me happy. She is so cute, she made me happy that I was her brother. Her name means aspiration and has regularly been my source of inspiration. She gave me a reason to be Happy.
Thanks sis. I luv you

Don't judge yourself by somebody else's standards. You will always lose.

My only source of Gujarati songs. My favorite are the Family/ Folk/ Marriage Songs.
[Includes - Maa Baap Ne Bhoolsho Nahin & Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat]

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