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Monday, February 21, 2005


where to start?

Yadda yadda, busy life, yadda. So, since the last post I've been through with my graduation, first day at job and getting used to my new car (already drove 1000 miles). And all the stuff in-between. I've really been insanely busy. In fact, I'm insanely busy right now too but I can't do the work I need to as I am still contemplating about the stuff I need to transfer from my diary to the blog.

I know it's been almost two months since I updated my blog... though I don't mean to use the clinched phrase 'been busy', I shall try to post an entry to explain the situation as and when time permits.

Seriously speaking, life has been tremendously busy & beautiful these days, as I had to move from TX to NV. And that doesn't mean I am not pondering over the facts of life... and I don’t blame "busyness" on why I haven’t written anything for a long time but I figured I had to take care of the mundane things and get settled before I can get back to the blog with a new philosophy!

Meanwhile I felt like I have been at the borderline, of the edge, and walked alone... and still feel like I was blinded from the start and just realized where I am supposed to be, and hope to passionately pursue my "actual" goals now.

Update: With the New Year began a New Era in my life. I am having fun at work place and enjoying the new lease of life. [Started working on 10th January].

On second thought, lets push over the topic to let bygones be bygones and rejoin over at the collective thoughts!

I can't promise but shall try to bring up some intriguing & thought-provoking topic over the next few weeks!

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