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Friday, March 18, 2005


Narendra Modi denied a US Visa...

Did this letter stop Modi?
Letter to Karl Rove, Political guru to Bush in response to this incident.

Can you believe that the US officials denied visa to Narendra Modi due to improper handling of 2002 riot's????

I have actually stopped framing opinions based on government reports - who knows who is funding whom to prepare these reports. Further US always seems to make decisions based on tactics for American gains only - I don’t seem to understand why Washington had maintained friendly relations with Pakistan despite it being clear that terrorism perpetuated by that country was responsible for the ouster of the entire minority Hindu community from Kashmir.

(What a joke?
Musharaaf gets to invited as a state guest of USA despite the fact that Pakistan was involved in the butchering of 65000 Indians in Kashmir. No one protests his visits.
And Mr. Bush launched war against Taliban - was it necessary? Shouldn’t they banish Mr Bush from the American soil?)

I do not see any reason to panic about the visa rejection to Modi. He is neither a Saint nor a Good Samaritan. He is just a CM of Gujarat. I am not here to support Modi’s deeds in anyway. But denying Visa to him and reason they gave are totally absurd. It only shows the double standards followed by US. They deny Visa to a guy like Modi, who was infact elected by the same people after the massacre, but welcome Israeli politicians. Is not a "violations of religious freedom", what Israeli government is doing?

US needs a scapegoat to show the world (read Americans) they are the saviors of Muslims buy denying visa to Modi who violated freedom of Muslims, where in other part of the world they kill Muslims in the name of FREEDOM!!!

US government's denial of visa to a chief minister of a state in India is unacceptable. I have certain interesting points to share with everyone. Any one who wants to respond can respond to this blog, if they are meaningful.
Any country which is taking the same decision what US took, should try to know the history of India a bit.

Facts to be understood about India:-
1. Even Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mohammed ali Jinnah could not stop India and Pakistan from separating and countless number of people were killed.
Fact:- When it is a mob fight, when people becoming more intolerant to what other people from other sector does to each other, no one can control them. So, for India Pakistan separation, one can not deny VISA to GANDHI, Nehru or Jinnah if they were alive.

2. India is (shamelessly) a largest democracy in the world. No country or its administration can be proud of having a country like India in the world.
Fact: So, in a country of this sort, sectarian violence like this is possible. But, In India it is very very less and India is certainly doing fine. So, Modi like chief ministers could not be accounted for these problems. If police shoots at the people, more and more people will die like they did in Bombay.

3. India has its own legal system. Its doing great. Modi was not set free easily. He is liable to answer the court on this issue. The central investigation team is working on it. So, the governments are doing their job and so the judiciary in India.
Fact: It is so ridiculous that the US denying visa to a man who is not only a dignitary of India and also he was not proven guilty yet by the court of law or law of the land. So, denying visa to him particularly saying sectarian violence as the reason is unacceptable and it shows the immaturity of its rulers and its secretary of state.

4. By denying visa to Modi, US is not trying to be humanitarian. But, instead US is trying to induce few more sectarian violences in India and trying to spilt India the same trick what the British did.
Fact: This is the age-old tradition that the Western world has followed of "divide and rule". Now by talking about the riots, they are refueling problems in India between Hindus and Muslims. If they cannot create problems through Kashmir issue, they will at least try to create problems between Hindus and Muslims by opening the wounds of a problem of the past. The main aim is to keep problems in India active so that we cannot concentrate on progress and development, which is a thing of envy to the Western world.

(Borrowed a few ideas from a discussion group)

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