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Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Election fever heightens the coverup scandals

Camera tricks and pre-planted explosions, all done so that US would have a viable pretense to invade the middle east ?!

Flash file for the Pentagon Conspiracy?!

Regardless, the flash file makes some good points which Snopes' conspiracy theory does not answer:

* Why wasn't the lawn more messed up than it was?
* Where's the fire damage? Isn't it usually black when stuff (like fuel) burns?
* What's with the tiny airplane on the Pentagon cam?
* Why weren't the other footages released?
* Why did it sound like a small/military/missile engine? I am sure people who have lived around both commercial and military airplanes and jets for a good portion of their life can tell the difference between a military and a commercial engine.

Eh...but I like conspiracies anyway.

ok, I'm intrigued. So I further went to the CNN website to have a look at the video link. Watch the date instead of the plane. Sep 12? 5pm? Any math major interested in tackling the shadows on the ground and tell me whether they're consistent with a 9:00 strike? It seems so ... obvious ... but it's the same thing a slight-of-hand guy does--distract you with something cool to make you not look at the way he's doing it. Why is the date wrong?

So I was listening to the radio on the way to school on 3rd and they played a sound byte that said if you dont support bush then you're a freedom hater. Then immediately the Patriot Act comes to mind. Though they say that all it does is allow the intelligence community to more effectively communicate with the law enforcment community, I have my doubts. It seems to me that if you DO support Bush you're a freedom hater.

Is anyone else getting tired of hearing nothing but attacks during this US presidential campaign? Bush and Kerry don't talk about what they're gonna do for the country. They seem to be talking about what horrible, evil things the other one will do. This is the nastiest campaign season most people have ever seen.
Bush is putting the focus on the war on terror because it's the safest place he's got to stand, and Kerry is putting the focus on Bush. Now this is Politics as usual to me.

I've added the links to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Amendments as reported on a discussion group at my University.

Don't ever make a speech with more than one thousand words. The speech should contain and repeat certain key words like: "people," 81 times; "our country," 26 times; "liberty," 17 times; "the poor," 33 times; "I promise you," 77 times; and call all opponents "incompetent as many as you can say it.
-- Grandma Soderquist's Rule for Political Speeches

Just another interesting news site!

[Saw 3 movies - The Lost castle, Predator 2 & What's the worst that could happen]

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