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Saturday, June 26, 2004


Reporting From The Job Front

There are so many things that we take for granted and just do without serious planning, very much moaning or anything else.

Now a typical schedule for me is to get up at 6:30 AM, take a bath & shave (yeah daily… can you believe it!), take a breakfast, talk to grand parents for a while & finally leave for work at exactly 7:45 AM and reach office by 8:30 AM. I leave the office at about 5:45 PM and reach home by 6:30 PM. Then talk to grandparents again for a while about how they day went by and then play with the kids and finally have dinner at around 8:30 PM. Then I talk to uncle about the work at office and learn some new tactics from him. Finally I go to my room at about 11 PM and read some book for about an hour and go to sleep.

Once in the office I change hats and work on my job. I had been fortunate enough to get a hands-on experience on many different softwares and real life structures. It's been a little over a month now and I have used quite a few softwares to design different structures, with different building design codes.

I had the opportunity to design 4 roof trusses & Masonry walls around the stairs for a Casino, a water storage tank (size about 10'x10'x10') and a concrete tank (Manhole) 6' below the ground (size about 8'x13'x10') for connecting two pipes of different shape & sizes that carry storm water drain. Also I think I had the rare opportunity of designing a church in the city of Las Vegas. The church is a masonry & wood structure and the chapel has a capacity of about 100 people. I thought I mighty miss the Composite Structures course by Dr. Fry offered at TAMU this summer, but fortunately I managed to learn at least some aspects of the composite design. Also I designed about 6 table & chair sets (Duh… what's the big deal eh!) - Well actually they are to be used for an Acrobatic Show at Le Reve Casino by Steve Wynn and will be suspended in midair. Unless I design them to sustain the design loads they won't get a permit to fabricate them and have the performance at the show that they plan to organize in the Casino. Finally I hope to get a chance to work on some high rise towers (Condos & Casinos).

The first day I was really excited and nervous. It seemed like this summer is going to be long. I came to this place that they call office at about 8:15 AM (I managed it). Then the secretary showed me the place and introduced to the other engineers and draftsmen. There I met the only Indian - He is from COEP and is going to Pune for marriage between 30 May and 30 June and his bride is from Ulhasnagar :)

I had the opportunity to learn RAMsteel, RISA (truss design), Retain Pro (Retain walls) & ADOSS (concrete design). After 10 hours I finally completed a tutorial in RAM Modeler and then I learnt other softwares as the projects came by. They also use ETABS a lot for the design, but I didn't get a chance to use it on any of the tasks assigned to me yet. Sometimes I feel that I am taking a little more time than the others, on the tasks assigned to me, but I hope its ok as long as I can design it without errors.

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