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Wednesday, June 23, 2004


His Dilema Or Mine?

On one hand I have this particular junior of mine (G**.) who keeps writing and I just don’t know what to reply to him and on the other hand I have a budding IIT aspirant (Reva). Just have a look at our conversations and help me to help them out.

Thought for the day: There r 3 stages in a mans life..
1. he believes in Santa Claus.
2. he doesnt believe in Santa Claus.
3. he is Santa claus :)

Let G**. think over it all over again
My reply:
Dear G**.,
I just wanted to portray a realistic image, and so I want you take all the factors into consideration before you enter MS program. It is almost like taking civil @ IIT and hoping to branch change later on. You are right, its a 'path' set for life - no illusions.
And we haven't succeeded in choosing the right program for you, I would suggest that you consider applying to a few good universities that have a real good program in GIS, but may be ranked overall less in the field of engineering. You may contact "Mr. Dhiren Khona" a Senior Scientist at Bechtel whos has done a PhD in GIS and is into Disaster response & Urban planning. His email address is khonads [at] nv.doe.gov
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